Replete: filled/well-supplied with Prognosticated: foretell Interminably: endless Obsequious: obedient or attentive to a servile degree
Recondite: little known/ abstruse Eclectic: derived from broad range of sources Philistine: hostile/indifferent to arts and culture Chauvinist: aggressive patriotism Stultified: lose enthu due to tedious routine, make someone look foolish Assuaged: make less unpleasant, satisfy desire Indemnified: compensate for harm/loss Lionzed: treat as celeb Venal: prone to corruption Superfluous: more than necessary Intrepid: fearless Gauche: unsophisticated/ awkward Adroit: clever or skilful Pretext: excuse Caustic: scathing sarcastic Incipient: beginning to happen Repudiate: reject or refuse Stipulate: specify a condition Incongruous: Not in harmony with surroundings, inappropriate Alacrity: brisk, cheerful readiness Pugnacious: eager to quarrel (like a pug) Promulgate: to make known widely/ officially Castigate: reprimand harshly Sordid: dirty, involving immoral/dishonourable actions Dregs: most worthless parts of something (society) Scurrilous: humourously insulting, calumny