Inane: lacking sense, foolish Clandestine: done secretly, esp. because illicit Acrimonious: bitter and angry, esp speech Paucity: scarcity “un peu de” Construe: interpret a particular way Pernicious: harmful effect in gradual/subtle way Sally (v) : suddenly rush forth “sally forth” Perfunctory: carried out without care Chagrin: disappointed, humiliated Disparage: discredit, regard as being of little worth Eschew: deliberately avoid Voluble: talkative Paroxysm: sudden outburst Reprehensible: worthy of blame Indigent: poor, needy Flout: openly disregard, scoff Stymie: hinder progress of Forthwith: immediately, without delay Privation: lack of necessities Ubiquitous: omnipresent Malignant: evil in nature, malevolent Fretful: express irritation or distress Impresario: person who organizes concerts, plays, operas Virulent: full of hate, hostile Loath: unwilling, reluctant Vexatious: annoying, frustrating, worrying Inclement: unpleasantly cold or wet (weather) Wan: pale, lacking energy Doleful: sad, melancholy Pertinent: to the point, applicable Histrionics: melodrama to attract attention