Inundate: overwhelm, flood Sanguine: optimistic, esp in bad situation Phlegmatic: calm, hard to rouse to action Lurid: shocking, sensational Obviate: do away with, eliminate Diatribe: bitter verbal attack Expunge: remove completely, obliterate Anathema: something greatly detested [uh nath ee ma] Timorous: nervousness, lack of confidence [ti mer us] Jaunty: lively, cheerful, self confident manner Fractious: quarrelsome [frak shus] Surreptitious: kept secret Importune: harass someone persistently to do something Incredulous: unwilling to believe something Propitious: indicating good chance of success, favorable [pruh pi shus] Inchoate: just begun, in early stage [in kow it] Surmise: guess without evidence Inveigh: speak/write about with hostility Nettle: irritate (walk into some nettles) Overt: open (French ouvert) Stentorian: loud (voice) Singular: extraordinary Sinecure: soft job (Arabs) [sigh ni cure] Recant: withdraw previous statements Preclude: make impossible Abrogate: repeal, abolish Declaim: speak in an impassioned way (audience) Paragon: model of excellence Asperity: harshness of tone (aspergers) Epithet: descriptive name [eh puh thet]