Interloper: an unauthorized person Gregarious: sociable Bulwark: protection Altruistic: unselfish Coterie: small group having shared interests Cupidity: greed (for love?) Virtuosity: great technical skill Temerity: excessive confidence, audacity Assiduous: showing great care, devoted Exult: rejoice greatly Abortive: failing to produce intended result Urbane: polished, courteous (a person) Tortuous: full of twists and turns (bend it like tortoise) Peregrination: journey, esp long and meandering Megalomania: obsession with exercise power Profligate: wastefully extravagant Fiat: an official order, a decree Mendacious: lying Underwrite: agree to finance Parsimonious: miserly Pecuniary: related to money Balk: hesitant to accept, resist Reviled: scolded Nebulous: unclear, vague Redolent: strongly reminiscent/smelling of Disparate: different from Abstemious: abstain from excessive food and drink Trenchant: keen, incisive (a trenchant analysis) Edifice: large imposing building Vicissitudes: difficulties, unwelcome change Maudlin: tearfully sentimental (Mary Magdalene weeping) Puissant: powerful (puissant is puissant) Lugubrious: very sad