Fulsome: seeking favor, fawning Opulence: wealth Supplication: earnest prayer Desultory: occuring randomly, lacking a plan Demur: object, show reluctance Connubial: related to marriage Appellation: name or title (comment t’appelle tu) Chimerical: fantastically visionary, improbably Gamut: complete range/scope of something Perspicacious: perceptive, shrewd Pedagogue: strict teacher Irascible: easily angered Fetish: object thought to have magic powers Imprudent: rash, not careful Entreaty: humble request Inviolable: never to be broken, infringed Congenial: pleasant, agreeable Aegis: protection/backing/support Virile: strong, energetic

Caprice/Capricious: sudden mood/behavior change Anachronistic: belongs to another period of time Idiosyncrasy: mood/behavior peculiar to a person Dogmatism: unwilling to accept other opinion/evidence Sartorial: related to clothing or style of dress Quixotic: idealistic, unrealistic and impractical Pragmatic: deal with things practically Synoptic: forming a synopsis, comprehensive view Disapprobation/Probity: strong disapproval on moral grounds; moral principles Tendentious: expressing a particular pov, esp controversial Profundity: great knowledge or insight, profound