Evince: show plainly, exhibit Terse: concise, abrupt Cogent: clear, logical, convincing (argument) Acute: severe or intense degree Bereft: deprived of Invective: abusive insulting language Vitriolic: filled with bitter criticism or malice Inveterate: habitual, firmly established Propinquity: nearness in time or place Equanimity: calmness and composure, esp in difficult situation Sedate: calm, dignified, unhurried Moribund: at point of death (french mort) Nadir: lowest point Exhort: urge strongly, advise Garrulous: excessively talkative Indolent: lazy Banal: dull on account of overuse (also Hackneyed, Trite) Platitude: commonplace or trite saying
Dilettante: one who has great interest but little knowledge Pique: fit of resentment Idyllic: peaceful, simple Gaudy: showy and flashy so as to be tasteless Jocose: playful or humorous Mortify: embarrass Candor: honest, frank Peremptory: insisting on immediate attention or obedience Charlatan: pretender, fraud