ostensible: stated or appears true, but not necessarily fervid: intensely enthusiastic, passionate surfeit: excess milieu: person’s environment strident: loud and harsh sound
concomitant: naturally accompanying lassitude: lack of energy, weariness deleterious: causing harm or damage arbiter: judge incumbent: necessary as duty celerity: speed, rapidity facetious: humorous, flippant salubrious: healthy impetuous: impulsive slovenly: untidy, dirty, careless foment: stir up or instigate abjure: solemnly renounce penitent: repentant evanescent: fleeting tantamount: equivalent to commodious: large, spacious asinine: extremely stupid or foolish tenacious: persistently stubborn au courant: up to date fastidious: very attentive to accuracy and detail noisome: extremely unpleasant lampoon: ridicule parable: moralistic story countenance: tolerate or approve (eg. the use of force) sanctimonious: holier-than-thou effrontery: insolent or impertinent behavior mien: appearance or bearing whet: stimulate or stir up (eg appetite)