Aniket Rege

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University of Washington

Seattle, WA

I’m currently an MS EE student at the University of Washington, Seattle. I primarily spend my time as a graduate researcher in the RAIVN Lab mentored by Aditya Kusupati and supervised by Prof. Ali Farhadi.

I recently completed a summer research internship in deep learning for autonomous vehicles at NVIDIA Redmond, supervised by Dr. Nikolai Smolyanskiy. Previously, I worked for several years as a research engineer at Samsung Research India, working on perception problems for the AI Camera, including as a founding member of the Single Take Camera project, the USP of the Galaxy S20 flagship smartphone.

I am currently pursuing research in large-scale visual representation learning, and web-scale image retrieval with additional interests in learning from minimal supervison, such as self-supervised or zero-shot learning.

Reach me via aniketr[at]uw[dot]edu


Sep 14, 2022 Matryoshka Representation Learning has been accepted for publication at NeurIPS 2022!
Jun 21, 2022 Started my summer research internship with NVIDIA!
May 17, 2022 Our work on texture-aware wavelet-based facial blemish removal is published as a US Patent!
Sep 22, 2021 I moved to Seattle for grad school! :smile: :blue_book: :computer:

selected publications

  1. Matryoshka Representation Learning.
    Aniket Rege*Aditya Kusupati*Gantavya Bhatt*Matthew Wallingford, Aditya Sinha, Vivek Ramanujan, William Howard-Snyder, Kaifeng Chen, Sham KakadePrateek Jain, and  others
    In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2022